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Volunteer to Care with Good Neighbours

20 February 2017
Good Neighbours schemes operate throughout Bedfordshire, with volunteers taking care of the needs of residents in their local community. Ampthill and District Good Neighbours are one example of a scheme from which you can learn more about how volunteering in this way might work for you.


"The volunteers of Ampthill and District Good Neighbours are a caring lot. They are passionate about the work of the scheme as they help those in need in the community. " says Mark Smith, Chair of Ampthill and District Good Neighbours.

The scheme was established in 2006 and has been helping many residents in Ampthill, Maulden and Millbrook over that time, with regularly band of approximately 20 volunteers.

As a volunteer with the scheme you can do as little or as much as you want. This is very much responsive volunteering and you will be one of many volunteers on standby to help your fellow residents in need.

Typically as a volunteer in a Good Neighbours Scheme you could be asked to provide help with:

  • Shopping / Running Errands     
  • Lifts to Doctor / Hospital / Clinic Appointments      
  • Collecting Prescriptions     
  • Small jobs (e.g.. changing light bulbs)
  • Moving furniture    
  • Carrying out emergency minor repairs        
  • Occasional light housework
  • Dog walking/other pet care (e.g.. during holidays/illness)     
  • Cooking/preparing emergency meals and snacks        
  • Filling in forms (non-legal)
  • Sitting with someone   
  • Writing letters          
  • Delivering a meal 
  • Befriending regularly     
  • Gardening

The main thing is that you will gain satisfaction and fulfilment in knowing that you are helping your 'neighbours'. These schemes are the perfect example of how people in Bedfordshire really do volunteer to care.

Like many of the other schemes in Bedfordshire, volunteering roles that always need filling at Ampthill and District Good Neighbours are:

  • Drivers - who are able to provide lifts to and from local hospitals, doctor's surgeries, opticians, dentists and shops.
  • Mobile Phone Holders - who are able to be part of a rota of volunteers who hold the schemes mobile phone (for a week at a time) and accept phone calls from residents in need and then arrange for a scheme volunteer to meet that need.

Please be aware that as the scheme will be dealing with younger, older people and other vulnerable adults, you will be Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked (at no expense to yourself ).

If you want to learn more about Ampthill & District Good Neighbours visit their website at

Are you interested in becoming a Volunteer for your local Good Neighbours Scheme?  

If so, look up your local scheme and give them a ring to offer your help: 

Central Beds Good Neighbour Schemes 
Bedford Borough Good Neighbour Schemes 

Bedfordshire’s Good Neighbours Schemes are co-ordinated by Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity. You can read more about them on the BRCC website.   

Do you have a need for more caring volunteers?

Join the #volunteertocare conversation, talk to us at CVS and let us help you to let people know how you are caring for others.  All notified volunteering vacancies in caring will be promoted by us through Volunteer recruitment sessions and social media, until the end of February.



Volunteer to Care with Good Neighbours Good Neighbours volunteers in Bedfordshire gathered at a conference 2016


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